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Frank is not your average CFO

Business, Profitability & Growth Adviser

Frank began doing finance and accounting consulting for small and medium-sized businesses in 2016, which grew into Magis. He has a wealth of experience gained from a diverse roster of clients, including those in construction, real estate, technology, professional services, and investment companies, as well as high net-worth individuals . As a Profitability and Growth Advisor with a CPA background, Frank is uniquely suited for taking your “Why?” and showing you “How” to get more from your business. 

Frank focuses on profitability and growth through financial discipline, and monitors your progress using accurate financial reports, records, and bookkeeping. He also coordinates resources like tax compliance, banking, and legal documents that require timely information related to the financial function of the business. While much of his work is compliance-driven, Frank believes you can get more from your business by gaining control of your numbers and having a strategic vision for your company.

Finance is serious business, but Frank’s approach keeps it in perspective. His optimistic nature and sense of humor carry over into the work he does, and Frank always focuses on the bigger picture. So while he’s balancing your budget, he also eases daily operations to help make sure your life is balanced too.