Starting, managing and growing a business in any industry is difficult, let us help by inputting our expertise of Platform, Process, Efficiency and Accuracy to create a strong accounting & finance function within your business.  

PLATFORM – Prospects vary far and wide with the opportunity to update accounting systems from legacy desktop solutions into a secure, robust and reliable cloud-based system. For basic accounting, clients will be added to the QuickBooks Online network.  This tool is far from basic as it will readily integrate with countless industry specific management systems to get near real time information. 

PROCESS – Beyond the back bone of financial reporting and management software, a combination of tools and small business best practice expertise will deliver enhanced visibility, reliability, control over processes such as accounts payable with tools like  Also, secure data feeds can be established between these software and your financial institutions (checking/savings accounts and credit cards) that limit the need for manual data input. Beyond software tools, many organizations can use an enhancement to their financial reporting environment to reliably and timely extract financial information about the business so management can make informed decisions rather than reacting to compliance requirements or gut feelings.

EFFICIENCY – In combination with the process improvement above and small business best practice expertise, our team can typically take processes that historically took weeks, days and hours down to the appropriate amount of time so that you as a business owner/manager can get back to running the business, not chasing down paperwork, check signatures or bank reconciliations to name a few.

ACCURACY – It has been our experience that people see a dramatic increase in the accuracy in their financial information. Our goal is for information to be input 1-time and then circulated around to all attached systems. Leveraging tools like Receipt Bank that offer industry leading OCR and data integration with reliable and repeatable processes. The net result is an increased confidence in the financial information being generated by the business.